Sunday, 15 September 2013

I've a feeling we're not in California anymore...

Already on to week three!  Time is going fast, which I have mixed feelings about.  I am really beginning to miss home, all my friends, and family, but I still feel like I have so much to see and do here.
Pray for Monday!

Rain, rain go away!  The weather has really begun to change and my inner Cali girl is beginning to appreciate the amazing year round California weather!  It rains pretty much everyday... sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon or night, or sometimes all day long.  But nonetheless, there is rain everyday!  A big thanks to Elly and Alex for hooking me up with rain boots and an umbrella before I left!  At times the rain is very peaceful, but makes going out and doing things just a little more difficult and wet!

BBC News Room
On Tuesday I went on my first field trip for my Visual Media class.  We went to the BBC Studios and Headquarters and were able to see the main news room and the old BBC buildings.  There was also a part of the tour that allowed people taking the tour to be a part of a mock broadcast and weather forecast report.  Three people were picked at random to be a part of it and of course I got picked to be the weather reporter.  While the news broadcasters got a script, I had to look at the map and totally improv the weather forecast.  Lets just say I need to brush up on my geography... (Pictures of me as a weather lady to come).
BBC Studios

It was weird not being in the US for September 11th!  None of my professors even mentioned it in class and there was really no attention drawn to the day here, whereas at home its is almost always mentioned in classes or through the media.

On Friday we all went to a play called "39 Steps".  It was a play that the study abroad program bought us tickets for, so it was technically free!  It was a comedy and super funny!  The entire play was put on by only 4 actors who all played numerous roles.. it was very impressive!  Most plays I have ever been to have been musicals, so it was nice to see something different!

"39 Steps" Theatre 
It has been a busy week, and because most of my classes are only a quarter long, I already have papers and midterms coming up!  I have been running in the park the past few mornings, taking advantage of it before it gets too cold!  Tomorrow I have 3 papers due, so I have pretty much just been doing homework all weekend.

Crazy (man?) on the Tube
Not as exciting of a week, but still a ton of fun!  Missing all of you like crazy, and once again I would love to hear from everyone so Skype/email/Viber message/Facebook me!!


Bri ♥

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