Monday, 9 September 2013

Starting to Get the Hang of This

My favorite spot in the park
Well let me just start off by saying goodbye to my favorite season of the year, and hello to London weather.  I mentioned last post that the weather has been surprisingly warm, but I think I jinxed it!  This week I have officially experienced bi-polar weather.  I thought LA had bi-polar weather, but London weather changes by the minute... literally! This last week began in the 80s and super sunny, and made it down to the 50s with wind and rain.  I am hoping I build up a tolerance to the cold, because I am a wuss when it comes to any type of weather bellow 70.  Well enough about the weather... on to the fun stuff!

This last week I started classes!  The program I am studying abroad with is called Foundation for International Education (FIE) and there are about 12 other schools from the US here.  All of my classes are with these other kids from the US, which kind of stinks because I am not really interacting with kids from the UK.  However, all of my professors are from the UK.  As I might have mentioned, all my classes are 3 hours long (yes, it is horrible) and some are twice a week.  A lot of the classes have scheduled field trips, and in fact, tomorrow we are going to the BBC studios.  All of my classes are pretty interesting, but I will be doing a lot of reading (which if you know me at all... I HATE READING).  The classes I am taking are: European Cinema, Media in Britain, Visual Media, Islam in the West, and an Internship course (will start at the end of October).  All very cool classes that will all count for credit back at LMU!

The famous saying before & after
you get on the tube.
As I mentioned, I really like the people I live with! On Wednesday the guys I live with and I went to the park to play soccer, or should I say football, and that was great because I am really missing playing soccer, and "Soccer Tuesdays" with everyone from Us in the Son! I also made another walk up to the park on Thursday to read for my classes and I ended up falling asleep under a tree and napping for 2 hours!  As you can tell I love the park, and I was trying to take advantage of my last few days of warmth and sunshine!

Friday I had class in the morning and finished at noon (4am for most of you back home haha).  Later that night Aya and I went out to dinner because we haven't really eaten a whole meal since we had been here.  We went to a place called Nandos... probably just as famous here, as In-n-Out is at home.  After dinner a few of us went to the pub to watch the England National World Cup Qualifier game because we don't get the channel in our flats! England won 4-0!
Exploring! Trafalgar Square, London
On Saturday I was really tired so I slept in really late and then Aya and I went to do some exploring and ended up walking like 7 miles.  That is one very convenient thing about being here, if you take the tube to one part of town and end up walking far, there is always another tube station to get on.  Public transportation is amazing!

The tube station

Brighton Pier
Sunday was my first day trip since being here!  Me and two other girls traveled to Brighton, a beach city about an hour and a half away by train.  I was missing the beach too much, I couldn't keep away!  This town is like the Santa Monica of England... They have a pier with rides, arcade, etc. and a lot of really cute streets and shops.  We basically walked around all day going into stores and admiring things we can't afford.  While we were there we experienced true England weather... We got there and it was sunny, then it got windy, then sunny again, the it rained for like 3 minutes, then sunny again, then heavy rain, a thunderstorm, hail, and on and on.  And yes, I did go feel the water... WAY warmer than Huntington, thats for sure!
Brighton, England

Well thats it for the week! I am really starting to miss everyone and I love when I get texts/emails from people back home.  Even if I am not able to respond right away to the emails, I do appreciate them!  I have put some pictures in the blogs, but here is the link to my Facebook so you can see the entire album, its titled "London 2013":

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat at home!



P.S. Proof of the bi-polar weather...
Sunny. 5 minutes later...


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